Continuous Glucose Monitoring – NightRider BluCon


  • Nightrider sends information from the libre pro sensor available in India to your mobile phone every 5 minute
  • Blucon will fix on the top of the libre sensor and download “link blucon app” from playstore
  • “Link blucon app” can store the one-month backup, also u can send a report to the doctor directly by your phone
  • Doctors can download follow blucon app and monitor their patients from their clinic
  • Nightrider is a reusable transmitter (lifetime)
  • Replaceable battery
  • Fits on top of the FSL sensor. Tape/armband required to hold the sensor


  • Ambrosia’s BluCon is a NFC to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) electronic transmitter. When attached to passive NFC tags like FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor,  BluCon transmits glucose readings to a mobile app enabling Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) on the go.
  • Works with FreeStyle Libre Pro sensors.
  • Ambrosia’s BluCon is supports ‘Direct-to-Apple Watch’ so you can use only Apple watch without phone to see glucose readings and share if your Apple watch has a cellular connection.
  • Both products work equally well over iPhone, Android phones, iPod and Apple/Android watches.
  • BluCon  was awarded CE mark in early 2017
  • Replaceable battery
  • Fits on top of FSL sensor. Tape/armband required to hold the sensor
  • Is Waterproof ( IP 67)
  • Sends reading to mobile app every 5 minutes


Direct to Watch

Now NightRider and LinkBluCon app works with Apple watch to display glucose readings from the FreeStyle Libre, Libre 2 and Libre Pro sensors on Apple watch without the iPhone.

This will help parents of the millions of Type 1 diabetic children monitor glucose levels on Follow BluCon app when the child is away.

  • Continuous glucose readings every 5 minutes on the watch
  • Monitor glucose levels without the need to carry the phone
  • Feel vibrations on the wrist when the glucose level is out of range, discreet alarm and also useful for people with hearing issues
  • Beneficial during sleep and eliminates missed out-of-range alarms.
  • Great help for young children who cannot carry mobile phones to school
  • Helpful for remote monitoring
  • 24/7 fitness tracker and showing variations in glucose levels during a particular activity


Sensor Type Humidity Sensor
Type Wearable
Measurement Range1-50 mmol/L
Battery Life 14 Days
Box Contents Blucon Nightrider, Extra Battery cap, Stickers, Needle
Warranty 1  Year


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