Continuous Heart Monitoring

Hospital grade sensing for home : Highest resolution sensors used in hospital settings now pick up small signals such as ‘p’ waves even at home.

Accurate tracings for accurate diagnosis : Carefully designed to acquire accurate tracings in ambulatory settings. Accurate tracings lead to an accurate diagnosis.

World-class reporting (Comprehensive review) : Intensive rigorous review process using proprietary tools after AI – computer generated annotations pick up missed clinically important events.

Award-winning product : Received best product award at HYSEA innovation summit. Awarded grants by BIRAC & US India Science & Tech Endowment Fund.

Clinically Validated


Maximum Monitoring Duration : 1 to 14 days
Disruption of Everyday Activity : Virtually nil, wireless design, compact proportions, and featherweight
Fastening : Gently glued to the chest, therefore hardly felt
Charging and Maintenance : Zero maintenance: no charging or changing of electrodes required
Water Resistance : Can take a shower or even go for a swim without having to take the device off
Home-Based Services : Widely available across India




Bringing you reports that you can rely on
Redesigned the entire clinical reporting workflow to improve diagnostic yield
• Data is sanitized for artifacts & noise
• False postives & incorrectly classified annotations are corrected using upBeat’s proprietary tools
• Templates are then generated so that they contain correct information
• Data is reviewed for clinically relevant events
• Proper strips are placed with onset & termination of events


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