One sleep Test – ResMed Home Sleep Test

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  • onesleeptest- Simple, Accurate and Safe
  • Order disposable onesleeptest kit
  • No wires or complex set-up required- One-touch diagnostic tool
  • Night Owl sensor measures key indicators
  • Get a verified e-report from a sleep physician in 3/5 days
  • Available across India



  • It may be difficult to know what happens while you sleep
  • Uncertain whether you’re getting the rest you need to perform well during the day?
  • If you snore, feel tired upon waking up or have difficulty sleeping, consider getting your sleep tested.
  • One Sleep Test is a safe, accurate and straightforward method of evaluating your sleep quality.
  • The test records your heart rate, oxygen levels, and movements to provide an accurate and detailed picture of your sleep.
  • The test includes a small, disposable NightOwl® sensor that you can easily tape to your fingertip.
  • The NightOwl® companion app leads you through every step of the test.
  • With One Sleep Test, you can get valuable insights into your sleep and take steps to improve your sleep quality.



OST Measures

  • Apnea Hypopnea Index
  • Heart Rate
  • Oxygen Levels(Sp02)
  • Total Sleep Time
  • Body Movements


Number of Memory Sticks 1
Type Wearable
Item Weight 10 gm
Product Dimensions ‎5.1 x 5.1 x 7.6 Centimeters
Box Contents
  1. Night Owl Sensor
  2. 10 single-night single wraps
  3. QR Code and Activation code
  4. User guide
Warranty 1  Year


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