TrackyPro Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Easily configurable 4-step workflow
  • Reduces total test time by 66%
  • The patient diary app supports automated data integration
  • Full patient instructions and education outsourced to the patient diary app
  • Guideline-concordant full auto-interpretation
  • PDF reporting supported by EMR integration
  • Cloud-based data collection, analytics


Tracky Pro ABPM device comes with an integrated app with guided interpretation capabilities

  • Simple configurable workflow
  • Reduces total test time by 66%
  • Guideline-concordant full auto-interpretation
  • Quick e-sign and PDF report generation
  • Cloud-based data collection analytics



TrackyPro ABPM is a small-sized pressure Holter designed for non-invasive ambulatory blood pressure measurement.

The new NIBP UP® technology represents the latest generation of technology in non-invasive blood pressure measurement. It comes with the new and innovative Inflation Measurement Technology (IMT) which takes blood pressure measurements as the cuff inflates.

The IMT mode leads to much shorter measurement times than the classic deflation mode and also reduces the stress on the patient by applying a lower compressive load.

TrackyPro ABPM is also equipped with reliable PAR safety that meets international standards with 2 controllers, 2 pressure transducers and 2 valves.

TrackyPro ABPM tried and tested components guarantee the long life of the integrated valves and pumps.

Artefacts are identified during the measurement and require further validation of the values.

With AI enabled TRACKY PRO ABPM mobile APP. The App Offers Guided Interpretation of Results. Tracky Pro ABPM App Maximises Workflow Efficiency and Multiple User Access (Physicians, Technicians) to Perform Tasks in Parallel.


Item Weight ‎225 g (with batteries)
Product Dimensions 10.5 cm x 8.0 cm x 2.7 cm, (H x W x D)
Box Contents
  • Tracky Pro ABPM Device
  • Standard bracelet Adults
  • Analysis software
  • Pouch
  • 4 Rechargeable batteries and battery charger
  • USB cable
  • User manual
Warranty 1  Year


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