Data Security

This platform is designed to optimize patient management while following best practices and maximizing revenue. The highest data security standards are followed, and the system is HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant.

Swipe Averaging™

Our patent-pending Swipe Averaging™ feature allows you to instantaneously summarize blood pressure and/or glucose data over any time period during which measurements were performed, simply by swiping with your finger or cursor.

Swipe Averaging™ is available both on the clinician webapp and in the patient app.



Cloud-based Telemonitoring with Secure Messaging

Tracky Pro is a cloud based remote monitoring system that allows healthcare providers to quickly identify patients that require intervention based on remote data transmission. Healthcare providers and/or researchers simply share their individual Tracky Pro Link Codes with patients and have them enter them in their companion patient app, Tracky Pro.

After the link code is entered healthcare providers can review patient data in real time using the Tracky Pro clinician webapp.

Healthcare providers at their control and discretion can exchange secure messages with their patients through the Tracky Pro platform, increasing patient management efficiency.

Blood Pressure, Glucose, Weight, and More

The Tracky Pro platform supports the remote transmission and management of blood pressure, glucose, weight, pulse oximetry, respiratory weight and temperature. The Tracky Pro system is compatible with 13 bluetooth blood pressure monitors, and 2 weight scales. Don’t have a bluetooth device? Don’t worry… all vitals can be entered manually!


Tracky Pro Companion Patient App

Our patient app, Tracky Pro, is FREE and available on both iOS and Android. Designed to be simple and accessible for all patients.

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